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In-depth Cultural Tour of Yunlin County Community

The in-depth cultural tour of the Yunlin community gathers in the local farming and fishing community associations, combining low-carbon tourism, food farming experience, cultural celebrations and various annual limited themed travel programs. Lead travelers to go deep into the mountains, seas and plains of Yunlin, walk through the streets and alleys, and feel the extraordinary charm of Yunlin.


​Corn is good CHILL X

Beixi Wenqing Slow Travel

Paper-cut art village online beauty shoot non-stop,
Corn Delicacy Cultural Creation Good Healing

​Finding the Forest Elf

Exploring the hidden forests of Yunlin Little New Zealand
60 years of acacia tree climbing experience

"Hundred Years Tanzai Fire Festival"

Zhaoliang Hakka Village, Railway Journey

In-depth experience of Hakka culture in Zhao'an, Shui Biantou welcomes the dark scene,
Garnet Turtle Station Railroad

Eel on the tip of the tongue

Go through five levels and eat evil eel rice
Yunlin Binhai Industrial Grand View Park

LINE_ALBUM_2022101 紅斗笠農社_221104_9_edited.jpg

The Military Village is WAY

A Feast of Cuisine in Huwei Village
An in-depth day study on the culture of a century-old Huwei town

Yunyou Binhai-Small Summer Travel

Roaming along the coast of Yunxi in summer,
Hanji Mitang Internet celebrity secret afternoon tea

Yunxi Sea Breeze Secret Realm,

art tour

Grilled mullet roe with sorghum wine feast on the tip of the tongue, International Jackie Chan Environmental Art Festival

Ouai Pitou, Whale Strange Tour

Red bamboo hat farm friendly farming experience,
Pitou community characteristic industry bean curd DIY


Encounter Rock Fun

Alley friendly farm experience,

Yunlin puppet show champion

The sea breeze is easy to walk-

Fishing village life experience

Fishing village "clam" taste interesting,
Delicious snacks in the community - earthen meal bag DIY

Take a deep breath on the Yundong Trail

Five yuan and two corners Xiaolanshan forest bath,
Looking at the beautiful scenery of Yunlin from Yunling Hill

Lianlian Zhuoshui River Mountain Stream Pilgrimage

A trip to the origin of Utu taro,
Principal Butterfly Leads the Way-Looking for Purple Butterfly


Forest healing meta-experience

Fun Heart Healing In Yunlin,
Caoling Forest Healing Base

Tuku Games

​Little staff forward "onion"

Shuntian Palace Safe Talisman to protect peace,
Family Fun Zhaoan Bookstore Onion Dyeing

Tai Po Playful Travels - Lion Fighting Experience

Sand fighting pig ecological experience,
Tai Po Food - Sun Friends Table

The good coffee in Asayama goes through~

​ "Brown" is very fun

Gukeng Coffee Festival Ceilidh,
Bamboo frogs caught in bamboo shoots in Guilin community


Three Shows of Poetry, Pastoral Treasure Hunting

Sanxiu Garden Centennial Garden Tour,
In-depth farming experience in Xiangzai

Tiger tail, romantic scarf color

The rural dining table in the secret land of falling cypresses,
Tiger Tail Beauty Tree Cherry Blossoms

Deer Shadow Riding Track One-day Tour

Lubei Qingnong's tomato garden secret base farming experience, community iron horse day study

Roaming in the Tiger Tail Candy City

sweet chasing the train,
Sugar making experience in a century-old sugar factory

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