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​Activity experience, special souvenirs


The first eel wave workshop

Many people don't know that Punan Village in Kouhu Township has the title of "Hometown of Eels". It is also the only community in Taiwan where the entire community raises eels. At the peak of the eel industry, almost 96% of the village was engaged in eel farming, which not only created Taiwan's economic miracle, but also created the reputation of "Eel Kingdom". As the name suggests, the first eel wave is the first eel pond in the hometown of eels. It has gone through the hard years of the eel industry, and it also contains the spirit of Haikou people who are struggling, persevering, and not bowing to fate in the face of harsh environments.

Yunlin good products, Yunlin good things:rouge eel
​experience activities:Eel Onigiri Handmade


Guarantee Responsibility Yunlin County Doulixue Production Cooperative

Located in Dapu Community, Gukeng Township, Yunlin County, the production cooperative is an organization organized by local farmers. It combines and processes local ingredients to increase local industrial culture and retain local characteristics. It retains the most traditional production methods and inherits the most The local flavor is based on "health and peace of mind", without adding any chemical processing ingredients, presenting the most traditional and delicious agricultural products.

Yunlin Liangpin:
Canned bamboo shoots in golden sauce, hand-cut Korean crispy bamboo shoots, flavored rags
Good things in the countryside:golden dried bamboo shoots
​experience activities:Sauce Bamboo Shoots DIY

好 蝦 甜 鑫.jpg

Good Shrimp Sweet Xin

Haikou Co., Ltd. (Hao Shrimp Tianxin), a good shrimp raised with three thousand gold, and a good shrimp raised with three thousand gold! Committed to promoting Haixian friendly intelligent production technology, friendly agricultural and fishery products, and providing a platform for local farmers and fishermen to display and sell products, a platform for joint exchange of technology and production, itinerary planning matchmaking and government resource recommendation, and to play the role of Haixian young friends returning home Matchmaking Center.

Experience activities: Fishing and Shrimp Fishing Experience


Lee Kee Mullet Roe

Located in Kouhu Township, Yunlin County, modern people pay more and more attention to health. Studies have shown that the nutritional value of mullet roe is higher than that of ordinary fish. In addition to high protein content, vitamin B group, A and B12 content are very helpful to the human body. Therefore, Lee Kee mullet roe focuses on how to make delicious thin salt mullet roe, retaining the traditional craftsmanship that is exclusive to the locals and elders in Taiwan, so that the delicacy of mullet roe will last for hundreds of years.

​Yunlin Liangpin: Lee Kee mullet roe in one bite


create fun

The largest succulent healing garden in Yunlin is located in Gukeng Township, Yunlin County. Based on life aesthetics, experiential learning, and leisure healing power, it combines texture handicrafts, floral design, and succulent gardening to develop cultural and creative arts. Products Including succulent combination gift pots, eternal life glass flower covers, agricultural product-shaped cloth bags, etc., through experience courses and coffee light meals, release the stress of modern people's stressful life, and provide channels for relief and learning.

Experience activities:Green healing handmade, succulent plant handmade


Minghe Sauce Garden

We insist on not adding preservatives, but the unopened soy sauce can be preserved for a long time. We insist on not adding artificial additives, in order to preserve the original flavor of soy sauce. We are dedicated to the brewing technology of soy sauce, just to make people who have eaten it feel touched and happy . The founder, Mr. Zhou Minghe, was 14 years old. He inherited his father Mr. Zhou Dong’s pickle technology. He rode the only Kongming bicycle (bicycle) in his family, tied a bamboo basket filled with soy sauce and pickles, and sold it along the street. Aberdeen's business.

Yunlin Liangpin:Handmade pure sugar-free white shade oil, glass house brewing pot bottom oil


Friendly Farm/Ecological Shrimp in the Moonlight

"When you see the wheat, you will arrive at Mailiao" is the biggest vision of the friendly farm under the moonlight. In 2016, under the moonlight, this group of amateur farmers rolled up their trousers and started planting wheat... They planted Mailiao and disappeared for five or sixty years. The first wheat field in China also transformed the wheat field into the consensus of the local people, and then developed a sustainable industry that is friendly to the environment and the earth. Mailiao really has wheat!

Yunlin Liangpin:Taiwanese Wheat Blocks Moonlight
Good things in the countryside:Taiwanese wheat liquor gift box

截圖 2023-11-19 下午6.47.38.png

Yucheng Hydroponic Educational Farm & Shengjia Store - Ancient Malt Extract
The small grocery store run by my grandfather 50 years ago was passed on to my father-in-law. It has been closed for 30 years, but it was reopened due to the handmade malt paste, continuing to inherit the Shengjia store founded by my grandfather. Developed a hydroponic farm, established in 1984, started small-scale operation and then expanded slowly. The current technology is very stable and the quality is excellent. ​


Good products from Yunlin, good things from the countryside: Organic Brown Sugar Malt Extract
​experience activities:Hydroponic cultivation education and experience


Liangxin Farm
Liangxin Shelter Farm was established on January 18, 2017. It is located in front of the Gukeng Green Tunnel, a well-known scenic spot in Yunlin. The area is one to two points and has passed the organic certification of compassion, and is developing towards organic agriculture. Liangxin Shelter Farm is the fifth shelter unit registered by the Yunlin County Government. Although it has not been established for a long time, it is actively moving towards a leisure farm for the disabled.

Yunlin Liangpin:
Red quinoa biscuits, red quinoa bitter tea oil, organic red quinoa, red quinoa pine

Good things in the countryside:Red quinoa pine gift box, grain Xinyou quinoa gift box


543 Small Peasant Woman's Moringa Garden

Shi Shan is from the opposite bank of Guangdong. She married a Mr. Wu, so she got the title of Wu Shishan (543).
The health of the family has always been the most important thing for Shi Shan. In order to let her family and children eat natural, healthy and non-toxic ingredients, Shi Shan uses her spare time to raise black soldier flies to decompose kitchen waste and raise chickens. As for the natural and healthy eggs produced by raising chickens, because the quantity is not large, they were only used by the family at first. Gradually, family members, relatives and friends responded very well to the eggs, and they also liked the natural and healthy eggs, so Shi Shan became interested in raising them. Start operating an ecological cycle farm that grows moringa gardens, raises black soldier flies, and raises chickens in a friendly farm way!

​​ Recommended products:Moringa tea
​experience activities:Trilogy of tea making experience


Lam Kee Vegetable Juice

We have always insisted on only selling "vegetable and fruit juice". We insist on and practice the substandard vegetables and fruits of local small farmers. Since 2013, I have discovered the importance of customization. A cup of papaya milk can extend different proportions and Demand, so I started to change the way, I let the vegetable juice, brought into the needs of each customer, combined with the local season, I let every customer can drink a glass of vegetable juice amazingly and happily, because of the emphasis on food and agriculture education, in When making special tunes, we will also slow down to do correct publicity and sharing. We are about to enter the eleventh year and remain the same.

Experience activities:
Vitality Juice Unplugged Juice Bar
Moss ball potted plant or plant dye rubbing


Beigang Spring Life Workshop

"Beigang Spring Life Museum" was originally Beigang Shengchun Enterprise. In view of the decline of the woodworking industry, it began to try to transform in 1992, and established the Beigang Spring Life Museum in September 2012. At this time, Wu Chuntang and his wife, who are in charge, are over 60 years old. They dream of inheriting the carpenter's skills and encouraging young people to have a skill and work hard for the future with their own hands. Based on the 50-year-old house and the 70-year-old Shengchun wood factory, they have created a creative woodworking DIY area, Xining handmade soap shop, art exhibition area, garden coffee and dining area, and Beigangchun Cultural Relics and Commodities Hall, etc., to meet the needs of tourists. Enjoy the five senses of food, art and travel.

​experience activities:woodworking experience


[In the purest and most natural]
Weiguoli fruit popsicles are made with the rich fruits in Yunlin as raw materials, added sugar and pure water, and resolutely do not add any flavor and coloring, so as to taste the natural flavor endowed by the land.
Made with the freshest and ripest fruits of the season, the most original local fruits are mixed with each other, so that the popsicles are no longer frozen juices, and traditional innovations are used to present a different taste experience. Tradition can also be very punctual!

Yunlin Liangpin:Two-color dragon fruit popsicle
Experience activities:Popsicle DIY


Hongjiu Ecological Love Jade Garden

The owner, Liu Mengyu, returned to his hometown in 2015 and started working in Aiyu Garden. He devoted himself to being a small farmer who loves jade. At the same time, he transformed the products from traditional wholesale sales to online sales and market retail. Educational thinking will pass down the knowledge about Aiyu to the next generation.
After several years of hard work, Hongjiu Love Jade Garden will be built in July 2020. After completion, it will be an educational park, experience, DIY and will be put into the in-depth travel of Yunlin.

Recommended Goods:Aiyu scrub bag
Experience activities:Aiyu DIY experience


Fennel Farm (Soapberry Handmade Soap)
My husband suffered from liver cancer 9 years ago. In order to provide my husband with the most natural and non-toxic products, I made my own soapberry soap and cultivated Sapinberry friendly. It took 180 days from seedling cultivation, cultivation, self-planting, self-production, self-production, harvesting, exposure to the sun, and extraction After the above fermentation is completed, the soapberry pure handmade soap.

​ Recommended items:Soapberry Handmade Soap, Fennel Stove Cleaning Liquid
Experience activities:Sapinberry handmade soap experience activity

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Jiele Sweet Potato Garden
The famous "Tainong No. 57" sweet potato is grown, which has a soft taste; the biting low temperature by the sea also produces sweet potatoes with high sweetness. Jiele Sweet Potato uses high-quality sweet potatoes and uses various processing methods to produce various snacks such as dried sweet potatoes, sweet potato chips, sweet potato fries, etc., healthy and additive-free products, which have become a new business opportunity for sweet potato gardens.

​Recommended products:Dried Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Potato Chips, Sweet Potato Fries


Culture Vacuum Flask Studio
The land of Huwei Military Family Village has gone through the settlement of farmers, the training base of the Japanese Huwei Naval Air Force, and the Air Force Military Family Village. In 2009, it began to invest in the cultural preservation of Huwei Military Family Village. It provides guides, special dishes for military military personnel villages, and other cultural cooperation. Welcome Customized negotiation and cooperation.

​experience activities:Huwei Jianguo Village Park Activities and Guide



Jiaotao Department is a platform for local promotion of taro industry in Wutu Community of Linnei Township, and also a platform for farmers to exchange taro, people to call taro, and teach taro to tourists. In addition to experiencing taro farming in Shimoda, it also provides hand-made taro cooking experience, and teaches various taro cooking courses from time to time. There is also a Daozhiyi market selling high-quality fresh and safe local agricultural products, as well as various delicious taro instant snacks, etc., which is the latest fun and delicious regional highlight in Linnei Township.

​experience activities: Taro Food Agriculture Education Base


Fennel Farm (Soapberry Handmade Soap)
My husband suffered from liver cancer 9 years ago. In order to provide my husband with the most natural and non-toxic products, I made my own soapberry soap and cultivated Sapinberry friendly. It took 180 days from seedling cultivation, cultivation, self-planting, self-production, self-production, harvesting, exposure to the sun, and extraction After the above fermentation is completed, the soapberry pure handmade soap.

​ Recommended items:Soapberry Handmade Soap, Fennel Stove Cleaning Liquid
Experience activities:Sapinberry handmade soap experience activity


Jiele Sweet Potato Garden
The famous "Tainong No. 57" sweet potato is grown, which has a soft taste; the biting low temperature by the sea also produces sweet potatoes with high sweetness. Jiele Sweet Potato uses high-quality sweet potatoes and uses various processing methods to produce various snacks such as dried sweet potatoes, sweet potato chips, sweet potato fries, etc., healthy and additive-free products, which have become a new business opportunity for sweet potato gardens.

​Recommended products:Dried Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Potato Chips, Sweet Potato Fries


Limited Liability Yunlin County Bencun Product Production Cooperative

Wutu Village, Linnei Township, is a typical village. The community is adjacent to the Zhuoshui River and relies on the fertile black soil brought by the Zhuoshui River. Agriculture is developed, and rice and taro are the main agricultural products. The culture of community development and settlement changes has been deeply influenced by the Zhuoshui River. Pay attention to the traditional crafts that become representatives of the community, and also hold water grabbing cultural festivals.

In recent years, the Rinnai taro brand has been the main focus. In addition to driving the rural economy, it has also begun to attract a small number of young people to become farmers.


good water coffee
If you want to drink coffee with a stronger taste, the boss can make it for you. Shanshui coffee has American style, latte and water-brewed coffee. Special blends or flavored drinks are also available. There is also the "Handmade Low-Sugar Dessert" by the proprietress here, which is also a must-try when you come to Sihu Foilziliao. The tiramisu, Basque cheese, chocolate brownie and pineapple cake with pulp are all the signatures of the store.

​Recommended products:coffee beans


Shuilin Xiangmei Cake Shop

Located in the alley of Shuilin Old Market, it has been in business for 65 years. Various handmade goodbye products: From birth to centennial goodbyes and four-year festivals, folks will always think of "Xiangmei", and the feeling of home is trustworthy. Customers place an order first and then freshly make it, so it is normal for the products on the store shelves to be empty! The second-generation owner Li Chongxian said: "When it was prosperous, there were 6 or 7 bakeries in Shuilin. The pastry shops have declined over time. The descendants refused to go back to the countryside, and closed their businesses one after another! As my father got old, he thought of going out of business. I feel grateful that the bakery never existed. When I raised a family, I let go of my hometown's affection for Xiangmei, and decided to return to my hometown in 2000 to inherit my father's business."

Recommended products:Angk Kueh Kueh, Peanut Candy, Flatbread


Corporate legal person Yunlin County Heart Life Development Association
Health, LOHAS, aesthetics, starting from the "heart" Healthy: maintain a "healthy" body LOHAS: "LOHAS" without age Aesthetics: enjoy the "aesthetic" heart life

Recommended products:skin care products, fragrance


Gold inlaid jade tea garden
Adhere to Sanpin
First taste, second taste, third taste
Check for freshness
Taste, Taste, Taste, Taste, Enjoy Food

​ Recommended product:  mullet roe, tea


Xing Yi Xuan
Three-generation aquaculture family, six-level ecological experience park, friendly farming to create a shrimp hometown, community connection and lively art village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan, an important fishery town in Taiwan. In recent years, due to extreme weather and excessive use of water and soil resources, the production of white shrimp has declined. In order to make up for the shortage of domestic white shrimp production, cheap imported white shrimp flooded into the market, resulting in a decline in the market price of white shrimp, and the shrimp farmers lost their money. Therefore, they were unwilling to invest in white shrimp farming, prompting more white shrimp to be imported, forming a vicious industry cycle.
In order to avoid the decline of the white shrimp farming industry, Xingyixuan, which has been engaged in white shrimp farming for more than 30 years, established a shrimp farming production and sales team to create friendly farming, and launched non-toxic golden shrimp to revitalize the white shrimp industry; at the same time, a six-level ecological experience park was established , Connect the community with tours, lead the public to understand the white shrimp farming industry and the community's characteristic attractions, and promote the mutual benefit of the industry and the community.

​ Recommended products:Uncle Shrimp


Changsheng Winery
In the early days, the winery was mainly engaged in the processing and manufacturing of food and bamboo shoots. Due to the changes of the times and the opening of the WTO, it was transformed into a rural winery. The factory adhered to the past practical management, professional integrity, and produced a series of special agricultural products in Yunlin. A series of wine, vinegar and enzyme products, welcome to taste the good taste from the good mountains and rivers.

Recommended Goods:Tree Grape Ice Wine, Gukeng Coffee Wine
​experience activities:wine tasting experience


Songhuapo Seedling Gardening Society
Located at the entrance of Hushan Reservoir, next to Digong Creek, there are about 6,000 Solanaceae plants in the park, mainly beef tomatoes and colorful peppers. Clean peat soil is used, and the greenhouse is set up without spraying alcohol and strong medicines, so that consumers can eat with peace of mind. At the same time, it provides Yetuo DIY experience activities, using local leaves, branches, and petals to paint, which is full of ingenuity and characteristics.
▲Address: Douliu City, Yunlin County
▲Tel: 0921304949

​ recommended good things: Hushan Pineapple Fermented Bean Curd


▲地址: 台灣雲林縣北港鎮文星路107號1樓
▲電話: 057832828


▲地址: 雲林縣古坑鄉34-1號
▲電話: 055901846



▲地址: 雲林縣土庫鎮光明路167號
▲電話: 056622576


▲地址: 雲林縣古坑鄉26-8號(咖啡大街
▲電話: 055901341



▲地址: 雲林縣水林鄉水林路443號
▲電話: 0978083385


▲地址: 雲林縣古坑鄉尖山坑路60號
▲電話: 055262781


▲地址: 雲林縣水林鄉興南段166-90號
▲電話: 0922732776


Featured accommodation


Grand Earl Hotel 
Zhili Earl Hotel has a European retro fashion style. The lobby is spacious and bright, elegant and elegant. It adheres to the business philosophy of "customer-oriented, service-oriented", so that travelers staying here can feel "at home"
. Train colleagues to serve guests with a "friendly" attitude, and treat each guest as their own family. Whether it is a business trip, family trip, sightseeing or leisure, you can feel the warmth and comfort of home. To the Liberty Hotel will Bring every guest the most warm and friendly service and good memory of stay.


Huaan Hotel
Huaan Hotel is located in Douliu City, Yunlin County, close to Douliu Railway Station and Taixi Bus Station. Exquisite and elegant guest rooms, sitting in the bustling and prosperous Douliu business district; professional and considerate service, let you experience what it means to win your heart and feel at home.


Pilgrimage Hotel
The Pilgrimage Hotel is located in the nostalgic folk town "Beigang", close to the national monument "Chaotian Palace", which is full of incense all year round. Travelers can enjoy incense at close range. It is known as "the most airy hotel in Taiwan". In the noisy and stupid Hong Kong era, the Pilgrimage Hotel broke the rules and integrated the "chess" element into the local temple culture, and innovatively created the god-shaped chess. The seemingly opposite idea reinterpreted the outline of the historical town and created an aesthetic of combining Chinese and Western Restaurant.


Fenghua Holiday Hotel
In Fenghua, the leisurely atmosphere of sunshine, air, water, and birds with a sense of nature, the Chinese Zen style combines industrial style and top Balinese style installations, so that urban travelers can get a leisurely release, and the bathroom with a full sense of design makes You enjoy the majestic aura and feel the leisurely and lazy mood of bathing. The elegance allows you to absolutely have your own time, which is comfortable and soothing.


Dengfeng Milan Business Hotel
Dengfeng Milan Business Hotel is located on Linsen Road in Huwei Town. Linsen Road and Zhongzheng Road are the two busiest streets in Huwei. Whether it is shopping, eating, or taking public transportation, you can almost solve the problem on these two roads.



▲地址: 雲林縣古坑鄉華山77號
▲電話: 055901667


鄉村休閒農莊,綠化生態的千坪草地庭園和生態休閒步道,能讓孩子們跑跑跳跳 、盡情嬉戲。
▲地址: 雲林縣古坑鄉華山77號
▲電話: 055901667



▲地址: 雲林縣古坑鄉號
▲電話: 055901978



▲地址: 雲林縣古坑鄉桃源路4-1號
▲電話: 055901124

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