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In-depth Cultural Tour of Yunlin County Community

The in-depth cultural tour of the Yunlin community gathers in the local farming and fishing community associations, combining low-carbon tourism, food farming experience, cultural celebrations and various annual limited themed travel programs. Lead travelers to go deep into the mountains, seas and plains of Yunlin, walk through the streets and alleys, and feel the extraordinary charm of Yunlin.

截圖 2023-04-20 下午2.11.10.png

​Corn is good CHILL X

Beixi Wenqing Slow Travel

Paper-cut art village online beauty shoot non-stop,
Corn Delicacy Cultural Creation Good Healing

​Finding the Forest Elf

Exploring the hidden forests of Yunlin Little New Zealand
60 years of acacia tree climbing experience

"Hundred Years Tanzai Fire Festival"

Zhaoliang Hakka Village, Railway Journey

In-depth experience of Hakka culture in Zhao'an, Shui Biantou welcomes the dark scene,
Garnet Turtle Station Railroad

Go through five levels and eat evil eel rice
Yunlin Binhai Industrial Grand View Park



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